"Your internet bio superstore"

Dying to tell your life story?

Want to put a better spin on a spotty career?

Ego in need of expansion?

Want the world to know you better?

Can't stop talking about yourself?

Got a hat size in double digits?

All of the above?

Then you came to the right place. At Cyber Bio we can take the salient facts of your life and make them salacious. We can take years off with the flick of a click. You'll look better, in retrospect, than you've ever looked before. It's a new you! Or it's the old you, if you prefer. You're the satisfied customer we aim to please.

Just read some of these testimonials:

"I went from a petty crook, a three-time loser, to a respected businessman and part-time songwriter."
          —Carl Meyers, Pensacola, FL

"And they say there's no such thing as an overnight success! Ha!"
          —Becky Sammis, Pensacola, FL

"I've never seemed happier!"
          —Sidney Vincennes, Pensacola, FL

"It's the next best thing to being
          —Nils Sammis, Pensacola, FL

"The best bio service on the web!"
          —Abe Nelson, Pensacola, FL

"It's great, and you can quote me!"
          —Bobo Sammis, Pensacola, FL

For more information, contact Cyber Bio, Box 2000, Pensacola, FL

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