The first atomic bomb, although not the best atomic bomb--that would have to be the fifth, or the twelfth.  The twelfth was a beaut!

First atomic bomb, detonated near Los Alamos, New Mexico,
July 16, 1945. (Courtesy World Wide Features Service.)

Abraham Lincoln as Raymond Massey in 'Young Raymond Massey'

Abraham Lincoln, ca. 1863.
(Mathew Brady, courtesy
Bettman Archive)


Arsenio Hall. (Courtesy

Niels Bohr, who never appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show, seen here in a tiny photograph.

Niels Bohr
(Courtesy U.S. Dept. of

Daffy Duck A L'Orange

Daffy Duck (Courtesy
Warner Brothers)

Aren't you sick of blimps?  There's the Goodyear Blimp, the Fuji Blimp, the Met Life Blimp, even an Alta Vista (the search engine) blimp.  Give me a break.  Or bring back the Hindenburg.

The Goodyear Blimp. (Photo courtesy Goodyear
Tire and Rubber Co.)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as seen from the Alta Vista blimp.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
(Courtesy Above Milwaukee, Barnes, 1981)

Shea Stadium, as seen from the Hindenburg blimp.

Shea Stadium, New York City. (Courtesy New York
Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc.)

William Butler Yeats, just after stepping off blimp.

William Butler Yeats.
(Courtesy New York Public

Any resemblance between the Ritz Brothers and other brother comedy acts was purely intentional.

The Ritz Brothers, (from left) Harry, Al, and Jimmy.
(Courtesy UCLA Cinema Archives.)

Nixon reading early galleys of this novel.

Nixon reading early galleys of this novel.
(Associated Press)

German U-Boat.  Well, a U-Boat at least--I have no idea who these guys are.

German U-Boat, World War Two
vintage. (U.S. Library of

If nothing else, this gets your attention.

Kurt Vonnegut.
(Photo courtesy Delacorte Press.)

This ought to attract some of the fringe crowd.

UFO as seen from NNE perspective,
New Mexico, ca. 1953.

Chapter Fifty-one