The Mask of Comedy

A man goes into the pharmacy and asks the druggist to give him something for his chronic backache. The druggist grabs his mortar and pestle and combines baking soda with lemon concentrate. He then pours two ounces of brandy into a large snifter, lights a Meerschaum pipe, and sits down to read The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas. (Nelson Pendleton, Marion, Ohio)

The Mask of Tragi-ComedyThe Mask of Semi-Tragi-ComedyThe Mask of Unintentionally FunnyThe Mask of Damn FunnyThe Mask of Mildly Amusing

A weasel, a ferret, a donkey, a camel, an owl, and a priest walk into a bar. (Patricia Dunbarton, Danville, Illinois)

The Mask of Really FunnyThe Mask of Borscht Belt HumorThe Mask of ZorroThe Mask of Hannibal LecterThe Mask of Jason

Once, during his weekly television show, the great comedian Red Skelton discovered an important prop missing from the set of one of his sketches. This was live television, of course, and there was no chance to stop the tape and re-shoot the scene. Skelton was stuck. What did he do? (Nelda Reese , Omaha, Nebraska)  (Note: This section is for jokes, not questions. Address your questions to "Your Question, Please," or "Answer Me This," or "Next Question," or "Just Curious" or "Funny You Should Ask" or "Look it Up!" or "Did That Really Happen?")

The Mask of Low ComedyThe Mask of Broad ComedyThe Mask of Dry WitThe Mask of Standup ComedyThe Mask of Situation Comedy

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