Dr. Elliot Latham, Em.D, stands at the forefront of the vanguard of forward-thinking social scientists who have merged the fields of psychology, sociology, astrology, and economics to form a new, and so far quite profitable, branch of science, called: Celebrityology. Celebrityology (or Celebrity Studies, as Dr. Latham proposes to call the new division of the University of Southern California that he would establish in his name) is the study of celebrities. It is estimated that twelve percent of the adult population in southern California is famous. That's approximately 250,000 people who are celebrities, well-known public figures, or superstars -- and yet, as a group, they had never been studied clinically -- until Dr. Latham established the Celebrity Clinic of Glendale, the first state-funded clinic designed specifically to study and (if necessary) treat, the problems of being famous.

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