Just curious: What is nougat?

Dear Curious: Nougat is a bulb or root that grows in the ground, or on trees. It is found typically in the southern or northern hemispheres, usually during the early winter months, or late summer. It is most commonly used as the heat-shield material on space shuttle vehicles.

Just curious: How does information get from one computer to another computer?

Dear Curious: First, information is translated into ones and zeros, bits and bytes, and sent at virtually the speed of light through the wiring in your computer to the phone line connected to your modem, at which point it is transmitted, via high-speed optic fiber lines to your Internet service provider where the digital information is instantly transferred to the phone company or long distance carrier and decoded as an analog message by phone company employees who write down the complete message by hand, re-type it, convert it back again to digital ones and zeros, and then send the message, at virtually the speed of light, to the URL address indicated, assuming it's still in operation.

Just curious: What are the Seven Wonders of the World?

Dear Curious: They are, 1.) The Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; 2.) Randy's Donuts, Inglewood, California, USA; 3.) Mustang Ranch, Nevada, USA; 4.) Hooters, Houston, Texas, USA; 5.) Al's Adult Newsstand, Van Nuys, California, USA; 6.) Hanging Gardens of Babylon (destroyed); 7.) Ari's Arcade and Comics, Van Nuys, California, USA (destroyed).

Just curious: How are your facts verified?

Dear Curious: All our facts are sent to a fact verification service. We use one in Florida, Iím told.

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