This Week's Hot Links

They say the internet has something for everyone, although I have yet to find a web site aimed at left-handed mink farmers allergic to feldspar. Nevertheless, here are this week's hot links: (A site run by web-toed ex-narcotics agents in Pennsylvania who are fond, but not crazy about, the late heavyweight boxer "Two Ton" Tony Galento.) (Another Galento site, this one from Florida, and one of the best, but beware of a parody site, which is crude and excessive.) (This site attempts to debunk the rumor that Jimmy "The Schnozz" Durante was instrumental in arranging the shady real estate deal known as Whitewater.) (Find out if you're alive. A handy service with a powerful search engine. Good for settling insurance claims.)

www.popeye/petition/vatican/ (Add your name to the growing list of those pushing for sainthood for Popeye. Note: You do not have to be a Church of Popeye member.)

www.philco/ (This site is constantly being updated.) (An ambitious goal: to reproduce on the internet the entire contents of the ancient Library of Alexandria, the "greatest repository of knowledge of the ancient world," according to site webmaster Eddie Perplaski. If you read Greek or Aramaic, this site's for you.) (What do you know? I was wrong!)

Next week: www.universe/galaxy/solarsystem/earth/continent/city/neighborhood/street/

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