Are you a recognizable CELEBRITY or PUBLIC FIGURE? If you are, you may be eligible to participate in an important research project -- and earn up to FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS.* The only requirement? You must be FAMOUS. Call 1-800-F-A-M-O-U-S-1 now! The call is FREE, so what have you got to lose? Here's a chance to contribute to a vital study -- and make some MONEY. Just read these testimonials:

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Directions to The Celebrity Clinic of Glendale:

Exit the Golden State Freeway at San Fernando Rd., go five blocks North to Verdugo Rd., take the next right at Fletcher Dr., go two lights to Hobart, turn right, then park behind the Celebrity Clinic of Glendale Building at 1112 Hobart St. (Don't park in the Bob's Big Boy lot!)

*After attending two eight-hour sessions at The Clinic with our staff of state-licensed professionals. For further details, please go to The Program.