If chopped, blended, liquefied and poured into large milkshake glasses, the average human body would serve 16 people. (Cannibal Quarterly)

In Paraguay, it's against the law to cross the street during the month of August. (Harpers Table of Contents)

The Federal government would cease to operate if everyone simultaneously called their congressman. (U.S. Bureau of Speculation)

If, after breakfast, you traveled to the nearest star at the speed of light, then returned, your coffee would still be warmóbut not your toast. ($5.8 billion joint NASA/Chock full o' Nuts Study)

A super-secret cabal of six people control the world's money markets and the weather. (http://www.paranoidschizophrenic.com)

In Paraguay, it's against the law to hum to yourself during the month of August. (Paraguay Puzzlers #6)

In Australia they eat dessert before the main course (due to the earth's magnetic field). (Fictions, Fables, and Falsehoods)

Millions of years ago the continents were joined together and people were able to walk freely from Africa to South America or Europe, do their shopping and return home, all in the same day. (Jet)

If you carry pi out to a billion places you will eventually reach a point in your calculations where you will just have to give up and go to sleep. (Unscientific American)

The burrito was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. The first burrito was a flat round bread wrapped around a mixture of boiled beans, shredded cheese, and crushed glass. (Library of Lies)

In Paraguay, it's against the law to pick your nose during the month of August. (Nosepickers Newswire)

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