Mr. Neuman has been working on his biography since his undergraduate days at the Biographical Institute of California and his post-graduate studies at the Biographie Polythechnique in France, or Switzerland.

While working on his doctoral thesis at the New School for Selfish Research, Neuman stumbled upon the literary device of referring to himself in the third person, a style now widely employed by many of our top professional athletes.

In 1982, beginning in New York, Neuman drove to Indianapolis the first day; made it to St. Louis the second day; Albuquerque the third day; and pulled into L.A. at three-thirty in the afternoon of the fourth day.

In 1983, Mr. Neuman won the Pulitzer Prize in Literature for his monograph ("Why the Radio Stations Between St. Louis and Albuquerque Suck") which originally appeared in the tabloid quarterly Foreign Affairs.

Over the years Mr. Neuman has assumed many roles. Recently, he assumed the role of Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Mr. Neuman lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife, the former Virginia Arlington, as well as the current Virginia Arlington. When he's not at the Pentagon, you can usually find him out on the driving range, retrieving balls.

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