Answer me this: When did the style of adding an "-st" to words, like "whilst," go out of fashion? (Glenn Scott, Franklin Springs, Ohio)

Dear Glenn: A long time ago.

Answer me this: I heard that one time, during his weekly television show, the great comedian Red Skelton realized that an important prop was missing. This was live TV, of course, and there was no chance to stop the tape and re-shoot the scene. Skelton was stuck. What did he do? (Nelda Reese, Omaha, Nebraska)

Dear Nelda: Skelton lived for these kinds of moments, where his improvisational skill could be put to hilarious use.

Answer me this: You know-it-alls have an answer for everything, but you're really not that smart. There's lots of things you don't know, lots of important things, things that matter, things like... well, I can't think of any right now, but if you give me some time, I will. (Ray Palmer, Bridgeport, Connecticut)

Dear Ray: I get this one a lot, and my answer is always the same.

Answer me this: Why does water spiral down the drain in one direction in the Northern Hemisphere and yet doesn't pay a single dime to the taxman? (Red Skelton, Palm Springs, California)

Dear Red: You may want to ask a family member to write down your question for you before sending it next time. However, in reply, yes, that is correct, it doesn’t pay any taxes, and it's an outrage.

Answer me this: Why are there two boxes of Raisin Bran in the Kellogg’s Variety Pak, but only one box of Frosted Flakes? (Resident, Pensacola, Florida)

Dear Resident: Even I can’t answer that one.

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